World Cup Wagers: Day 7

You may be running on a steady diet of Thanksgiving leftovers. But Saturday’s World Cup matches are anything but day’s old stuffing. It’s the second matchday for Groups C and D. Everything is still on the line for all countries involved and the drama will be dialed to an 11. There are tasty matchups between the perceived group favorites, although those pre-tournament expectations have not always lived up to predictions. There are plenty of fresh bets on the board to add another layer of intrigue to your Saturday viewing. 

Feel free to hop on the bandwagon with me or get in my mentions about how dumb my picks are. Either way, know your limits, enjoy yourself, and strap in for another day of exciting World Cup action. 

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Poland pulls ahead in Group C

Saudi Arabia’s 2-1 shocker over Argentina will go down as one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history. In another era, prior to VAR, the game is an afterthought. The Saudis benefited from several goals called back and frustrated Argentina with a couple of clutch saves and goalline clearances. On the other end, Saudi Arabia count themselves just as lucky. They produced just 0.15 xG, but managed to convert their three shots into two goals. 

Saudi Arabia had no business winning that match. But that is the beauty of sports. The best team doesn’t always win. A certain measure of luck can be all Cinderella needs for a night. Ultimately, this fairytale may last one night only. Saudi Arabia. Poland, while not possessing the overall talent of Argentina, fields a team capable of overwhelming the Saudis again. 


  • Poland Win (-140) – 1 unit

Tunisia and Australia chase goals 

This bet is pretty simple. Both Australia and Tunisia need a win if they want to maintain a real hope of advancing out of the group. If either team is trailing, the field is going to open wide for goals on the other end. 


  • Over 2.5 Goals (=127) – 1 unit

France ends Denmark’s winning streak

Unlike most World Cup matchups, we have seen these two foes play in an official competition earlier this year. France and Denmark met up in a pair of matches in the UEFA Nations League. Denmark won both matches. In June, Denmark won in Paris 2-1 against the run of play. The Danes followed that up with a 2-0 win in the final matchday after France had already been eliminated. 

Denmark has found a way to frustrate France, but it is hard to beat an elite team three times in a row.

Denmark will start the match with a distinct advantage of already knowing the result of the pivotal Tunisia/Australia game. If Tunisia picks up all three points, it is going to put added pressure on Denmark that may leave them stretched. If Tunisia fails to pick up all three points against the Socceroos, Denmark can play things much safer knowing that they will control their destiny entering their final match of the group stage. 


  • France Win (-145) – 1 unit

Bonus wagers

As a bonus, I am adding quick picks for all matches each day. 

  • Tunisia v. Australia – Tunisia (+112)
  • Poland v. Saudi Arabia – Poland (-140)
  • France v. Denmark – Draw (+240)
  • Argentina v. Mexico – Argentina (-190)
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