World Cup Wagers: Day 9

Monday brings four more matches as the last two groups wrap up Matchday 2. Unfortunately for many, Monday marks the return to weekday jobs after an extended Thanksgiving holiday.

Don’t worry, we won’t tell if you find yourself streaming matches on your phone while you “answer emails.” If you’re streaming them, you might as well throw down some wagers to boot.

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Feel free to hop on the bandwagon with me or get in my mentions about how dumb my picks are. Either way, know your limits, enjoy yourself, and strap in for another day of exciting World Cup action. 

No clean sheet for Brazil

The 2022 version of Brazil is a juggernaut. Even without Neymar in this match, Brazil will have no problem reaching to its bench of $100m attacking reserves. It is one of the many reasons why they are the favorites of this tournament. 

As great as they are, Brazil is not perfect. They face a tough test on Monday against Switzerland, a top 15-ranked nation with its own roster filled with starters in the big five leagues. There is skill, particularly in the midfield with Granit Xhaka, that can create moments for the Swiss. 

In only about half of World Cups is there a team that goes through the group stage unblemished securing all nine points with zero goals conceded. Brazil could very well be one of those teams. But I expect to see at least one goal from Switzerland. 


  • Both Teams To Score (+100) – 1 unit

South Korea and Ghana live to fight another day

Looking at the group standings, neither South Korea nor Ghana can afford to lose. It will all but assure elimination from the group. On the other hand, a win plus all three points will be so precious that I expect either team to sit back and try to protect a lead at all costs – which is exactly the type of posture that often results in conceding the equalizer.

With a draw, both sides will live to fight another day. A Portugal win against Uruguay will leave second place wide open for the taking heading into the final group stage matches.


  • Draw (+185) – 1 unit

Uruguay tops Portugal

Uruguay was my pre-tournament dark horse to win it all. Conversely, I picked Portugal as the seeded, European team that always seems to crash out of the tournament. I am sticking with those picks despite an opening set of results that would suggest otherwise and other European powers looking to fill the role as the biggest disappointment (…cough…cough…Belgium). 

Uruguay is every bit as good, if not better, than Portugal. The current odds give far too much deference to Portugal, call it the Ronaldo effect. In attack, the Portuguese looked lethal against Ghana but they were equally shaky in the back. 

Uruguay will limit chances. Since hiring Diego Alonso in December 2021, Uruguay has conceded just two goals over 10 matches. Their shutouts include the likes of Mexico, USA, Canada, South Korea, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, and Panama. It is an impressive feat.  

If you are unconvinced and want to play it slightly safer, split your bet into a straight “Win” wager and a “Double Chance” wager.


  • Uruguay Double Chance (-125) – 0.5 unit
  • Uruguay Win (+300) – 0.5 unit

Bonus wagers

As a bonus, I am adding quick picks for all matches each day. 

  • Cameroon v. Serbia – Draw (+230)
  • South Korea v. Ghana – Draw (+185)
  • Brazil v. Switzerland – Brazil (-230)
  • Portugal v. Uruguay – Uruguay (+300)
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